Guisachan House 1898

Guisachan House 1898, Birthplace of the Golden Retriever

Guisachan House was the birthplace of the Golden Retriever, and is at Tomich near Inverness (Scotland). It was the home of Lord Tweedmouth, who rebuilt the whole village.

This photo shows Guisachan House as it was in 1898 with Lady Tweedmouth centre and the gamekeeper. Lord Tweedmouth was a minister of Gladston's government. Winston Churchill learnt to drive here. King George V & Queen Mary stayed here. So did Gladstone.

Lord Tweedmouth kept meticulous stud records but when he died there is a ten year gap and missing records. In the Standfast database there is a known record of 1889 'Prim & Rose' which gives some of the ancestry.

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